Gitcoin Grants Matching Rd8: Pandemic Pods & Distance Learning

🏳 Prologue

Spoiler Headline: AmwFund receives over $1300 USD equiv. in GR8 with the help of Commons Stack & Panvala. But just a little context setting before we dive in…

For those unawares, AmwFund is the digital asset fundraising arm of the A.M. Winn Community Guild (Guild). The Guild, in more common terms, is the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)that supports A.M. Winn ek-8 Public Waldorf School in Sacramento, CA. The Guild is a registered 501c3 nonprofit (EIN 81–2138952) and the primary fundraising entity responsible for financially supporting multiple facets of the entire A.M. Winn community, ranging from basic school supplies all the way…

Test Hatch DAO: Dandelion Voting Using Aragon Voting tech

The TEC community has been busy the first two weeks of 2021. With our first full sprint of the new year complete, we have plenty of delicious updates to share as we continue building towards the anticipated hatch in March. Our last post highlighted several important votes in progress, our upcoming Gravity Training open for participants, and other works-in-progress.

πŸ‘‡ Check out our progress, find your deep dive, and actively contribute as hatch momentum strengthens. Come help us build a world with safe digital economies that protect and support public goods by accelerating Token Engineering.

πŸ‘©β€πŸš€ Gravity Training Starts Jan. 21

The Gravity Working Group…

Craig Anderson

Lead | AmwFund | DeFi Bridge | Raisin Education ||| Active | Token Engineering Commons | Panvala | Commons Stack | Kernel0x

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